Once upon time – Is Neil really dead? – Second star to the right Review

Anguish, check, heart break, check, nothing gets me hanging off the edge of my seat like Once Upon a time, I still remember hearing about the original trailer.


Fairy tale characters, in the real world, well that’s obviously going to be stupid, how wrong was I?  Although I have to admit is rare that I get (fan girl addicted to anything) Hang your head in shame if you’re a fan girl, people. you know who you are!


But, despite my condemnation I have to admit to my Once upon a time addiction loud and proud, none of my family will watch it with me because allegedly I’m an embarrassment, I assert the allegedly here and in bold.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, don’t we all want to know if, Rumple is going to kill Henry, If Neil and Emma will ever get back together and will Regina ever learn to be good, I mean these are important issues… (in the land of t.v at least)


The new episode which centered around both Baelfire and his adult Story Brooke character Neil was a really good and gripping episode, allowing us to find out more about what happened to Bay when he went through the porthole that separated him from his father Rumpelstiltskin. Introducing us to an absolutely terrifying Peter pan (something which I’m sure J.M Barry never had in mind.) We also meet Wendy Darling who shows kindness to Bay in his time of need.


Bay’s Story Brooke counterpart Neil is having troubles of his own, discovering that Tamara his fiance has known about magic all along and is intent on wiping it from the world with her not to charming partner. They take Regina hostage and torchering her seems to be only faze one of their plan.


Of course Emma and the Charming’s come and save the day (almost) what kind of fairy tale characters would they be if they didn’t at least have a go at saving the er..Evil Queen.


Unfortantly Tamara gets away and, while making her escape shoots Neil throws a magic bean on the ground and Emma has to watch while he falls through into a black pit of nothingness, potentially to his death.

Is Neil dead?  The question remains unanswered, but with a Once upon a time spin-off on the horizon I imagine that bean took him somewhere a lot more interesting that just his doom.

To be continued…


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